MRSL Old Boys Win Back-and-Forth Contest 1-0

Sound & Fury presented an interesting challenge for the Old Boys, springing forward on counter-attacks to dangerous effect every now and again, but the result was only in doubt due to the Blau-Blanca’s lack of a final ball in the offensive third and downright disastrous finishing.

The starting XI that Capt. Sindt put out thoroughly took the game to the opponent though lacked the desired possession. Half-chance after half-chance was created but the lack of possession lead to many chances for the opposition. Graham Campbell, Bryan Larson, and Alex Hauter torched the wings and outside backs of S&F throughout the entire game, though their centering crosses and passes were met with either absentee finishing or no one to finish the play.

To keep the opponents on their heels, Sindt changed up the forward lines in the second half. Instead of the speedster-possession/target forward combination, Sindt opted to start the second half with Andy Delain and Dave Tesch together in hopes that his side would challenge the opposition in a different manner.

The move paying dividends immediately with good interplay between the two and seemingly tying the entire squad together.

Rotating between his two possession forward and two speedsters (Clayton and Proft) continually kept S&F on their heels defensively throughout the entire second half. 20 minutes into the half, the Blues pressure and dominance finally resulted in a goal. The big-little possession combination of Tesch and Delain worked some magical skill to force a, what was to be the first of many, corner kick. The third corner in as many minutes was to be the death-knell for the all-blacks as Bryan Larson, pulling a Drogba, peeled away from the keeper and headed into the upper ninety off of a “Delain special” corner kick.

The final 25 minutes proved to be squeaky-bum time for both sides; Sound & Fury pressed hard for an equalizer, only to be denied by The Diesel sliding for what seemed liked miles to snuff out an open-goal chance, while the Blues pressed for a second to finish the game off.

The only blemish on the game was SOB goalkeeper Ryan Horstman suffering a broken ulna after coming out to collect a through ball in the last minute of the game and colliding with teammate Derric Johnson and the opposition striker.

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