Domination Continues. Other Boys Roll 3-0.

Stegman’s Other Boys simply cannot be stopped.

With the Surly pouring freely and a raucous group of traveling supporters, the Other Boys made short work of Los Gringos at Augsburg Stadium.

From the start, the Blues were faster, more physical and more driven. Employing their short passing game, they dominated possession but in the early going were unable to create any clear-cut chances. The home side was limited to the occasional counter-attack, but their forays into the offensive third were rare and non-threatening.

As the half wore on the Other Boys became more and more dangerous.

Graham Campbell, whose pace and trickery had been threatening throughout the first 45, zipped down to the corner and played a perfect ball out to the top of the box where Paul Diegnau was waiting. The blond-haired assassin fired confidently into the top corner. 1-0 to the Blues.

The domination was taken to a new level in the second half.

Barcelona-esque possession numbers, with the Other Boys having more than 70% of the ball, meant that Los Gringos were hardly even competing. In fact, if it weren’t for the occasional free kick, the home side would not crossed the halfway line.

“Drinking beer, watching the Other Boys pass the ball around, yelling ‘ole!’…what a great night” said supporter Jake Keeler. “The SOBs are so hot right now.”

The ball was circulating nicely and chances were being created, though luck did not seem to be on Stegman’s side. It wasn’t until there were only 10 minutes on the clock that Alex Vo, who resembled a flying squirrel in an XL jersey, made a fine run on the wing and found Colin Quinn in the middle. The German wasn’t joking when he wrong-footed a defender with win inside-outside move and slotted him in the far corner.

Los Gringos’ resistance was broken again.

An additional goal was bagged by Rob Manley in stoppage time, powering home a header from a Joe Waln corner kick.

“It was a fantastic performance” said Andy Delain, the captain. “The match ball goes to Colin Quinn, he worked hard all game and deserved his goal. What a player, and what a hilarious comedian.”

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