Interested in joining Stegman’s Old Boys?

The Blues are based in Minnesota’s fabulous Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, with most playing events taking place in Minneapolis.

The club operates three teams, one in the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League and two in the Minnesota Recreational Soccer League. And we’re always open to new players.

Stegman’s have no sheik or millionaire supporting the club. Instead they’re supporter owned. Yep, the players, fans and friends of the SOBs care enough about the club to plonk down some cash to make it something great. Or at least something over-the-top, quirky, fun and totally unique in the world of soccer. We also do a lot for charity. So it’s not all fun, games and beer. Even though those are how we raise money for charity.

The current Old Boys have played through high school and most beyond, so if you’re interested you will want to have done the same. Also, we don’t allow assholes so if you are one please look elsewhere. If you’re not and are interested in playing please contact the manager:

3 thoughts on “Join

  1. Hey guys, looking forward to meeting some of the guys. See you on Tuesday 11/23 evening if you can make it for a little pickup! 7pm…look for Jake’s email.

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