Jay DeMerit Supports Stegman’s Old Boys FC

Vancouver Whitecaps’ Jay DeMerit shows off the scarf of his favorite amateur soccer team

Stegman’s Old Boys caught up with Jay DeMerit, a man who needs no introduction such is his status in the United States soccer community, over Thanksgiving.

DeMerit was back in his native Midwest to celebrate the holiday when an avid Stegman’s fan snapped a photo of him raising his own Blues scarf, showing his support for the Twin Cities’ favorite club.

“The rumor mill has already started” said Blues manager Jon Bisswurm “but we’re just thankful for Jay’s support. As a club we’re very similar to Jay, playing because we love the game and trying to forge an identity within the game. As far as us making a transfer offer for him, that’s ridiculous. We pay in beer.”

When asked about a potential move to the Minneapolis outfit, DeMerit said “Vancouver ticked pretty much every box that I could think of as to what I wanted. An aspiring club trying to be part of something new and something special.”

Bisswurm responded, “though you never know what the future holds, and in this case the future does not hold that he is moving to an amateur soccer team, we’re just happy that Jay DeMerit – JAY DEMERIT! – is a supporter of our club.”

Club Chairman Dan Hoedeman commented “his success at Watford inspired pretty much every American player and his sporting of the Stegman’s scarf inspired every lover of man’s decentness and good nature. If possible, his legendary-ness has become more legendary, at least in our part of Minnesota.”

If you want to buy the scarf that Jay DeMerit is happily holding aloft, they’re only $25 and are available via our Club Shop.

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