Unleash Your Inner Glazer: Buy Shares In Stegman’s Old Boys FC

Stegman’s Old Boys FC today announced the issuing of shares in the club, through ownership of its operating company Blues Holdings, LLC. The club issues 1,000 shares priced at $5 per share. The shares are available for purchase for Minnesota residents starting today.

“We’re excited to be offering shares in the club” said Club President Dan Hoedeman. “We believe in building this club – and this sport – from the bottom up. It’s not about waiting for Zygi Wilf or a millionaire buyer for the Stars to create some franchise that’s only connection to the community is its name, it’s about building from the grassroots and creating something that is a true part of the vibrant soccer scene in the Twin Cities.”

The funds raised by the share sale will allow the club to operate separately from any individual, giving it complete independence as a club. And, critically, giving shareholders a voice in how the club moved forward.

“We have big plans” said Finance Manager George Hanscom “whether it is the first team driving toward MASL domination, our MRSL teams looking to gain promotion, or other ambitions like our own ground, involvement in the youth game and pie-in-the-sky ideas like an Academy.”

Founder Jon Bisswurm commented, “our goals are big and bold, our idea of selling shares in an amateur club over-the-top, yet our track record is one of success at all opportunities. Everything has to start somewhere. We have a vision. This is where it starts.”

So, what do you get for your share purchase?

First of all, you can one-up Roman Abramovich when you see him in Monaco. Why? Because you own a soccer team.

You also get a Stegman’s Old Boys share certificate (it looks great in a frame), you are eligible to vote on major club decisions, can stand for election to the Board of Managers, you receive a free Season Ticket to home matches for The Mighty Blues, and you are listed as an owners of the Old Boys on our website. So it’s official. Because it’s on the internet.

Also, there is money in it. If the club makes a profit, the shareholders can elect to realize that profit in the form of dividends.

“I spent a week on vacation telling people that I owned a soccer club in Minnesota” said Hoedeman “and when one guy called me on it, I showed him the website and then he bought me drinks at the bar the rest of the night before I told him that there wasn’t a spot in the first team for him. Boom.”


Shoot an email to stegmansoldboys@gmail.com and we’ll get you sorted out.

Not convinced?

We weren’t going to say this at first, but nice “Torres” Chelsea replica. You’re clearly a true fan and discerning expert on the Beautiful Game.

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