Blues brush Pellicano aside 4-1 in MASL action

The Blues took to the field on Thursday night in Orono, after a short interruption by a short, aging and unhappy old football coach who tried to steal the field, knowing that they needed to take maximum points from the night’s game and hope that Coon Rapids were able to knock off V-Hawks.

Coon Rapids were unable to get the job done, meaning V-Hawks are now safely in second place.

“It was disappointing because we know we can do a job in the higher division” said Jon Bisswurm “but this time last year we were in the second division in the MRSL, so doing what we did is an achievement especially since we could have taken second with some better luck. Injuries hurt us in our loss to V-Hawks and our favorite referee crew meant dropped points against Coon Rapids. Change those and we’re going up.”

Stegman’s, however, got the job done in style. Driven on by a “Dream Team” combination of Dan Hedstrom, Sean Webb, Dan Hoedeman and David “Kid Cudi” Maier, the away side dominated possession and effectively killed the game in the first half.

First, Sean Webb fired a shot into the top left corner.

Then, Derek Thomas put the finishing touches on a fine ball from Jon Bisswurm.

With the half nearly over Pete Manning latched into a feed from Dan Hoedeman to bury a shot in the bottom corner.

Things got a little hairy in the second half. Tommy McCarthy and Jon Bisswurm were increasingly hobbled by injuries but the ball would not go out of play to get them a rest. That, coupled with some injudicious defending, allowed Pellicano to nick a goal.

But with the “Dream Team” back on the field, the game was killed off.

Dan Hedstrom scampered down the wing to score an impressive solo goal, but it should have been more. And would have been more if perhaps the Blues were in the mood. As it was, people were thinking about the weekend trip to Milwaukee to take on the Bavarian Club and seemed content to create chances and spurn them.

“Channels!” said Tommy McCarthy after the game.

Stegman’s Old Boys (3-5-2): Overlie, Sturdy, Toldt, Pennings, Thomas, Webb, Hoedeman, Maier, Vo, Hedstrom, Logan
Subs: Bisswurm, McCarthy, Keeler, Manning

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