Other Boys finish FBM Weekend with 4-0 win

Free Beer Movement Weekend was finished in style by Stegman’s Other Boys on Monday.

The Other Boys embarrassed Los Gringos at Blake Field, running out 4-0 winners in a game that only ever was going to go one way. Not that it stopped the opposition from whining, moaning, bitching and complaining. It may have even encouraged it. What it did not encourage was strong play from the team, as they were dominated in every department.

The defense put on a masterclass. Ben Savitt, Derric Johnson, Travis Pennings, Pat Campbell, Steve Pomeroy and Mike Geak all played a role as Los Gringos were restricted to ridiculous dives and petty playacting.

So well were the Other Boys playing that Los Gringo’s only threat literally quit midway through the second half and walked off of the field.

He had officially been Stegman’d.

Another strong performance from Joe Waln in the midfield was complemented by the hard running of Paul Diengau and Graham Campbell. They kept the ball with ease and punished the opposition’s high line and poor organization with a plethora of through-balls.

Campbell was the first to score, smartly running off the last man and using his incredible pace to accelerate from the defense and latch on to a through ball.

In the form he is in, you would bet on him to score. And you would win that bet.

“He tortured those defenders so much, it was the soccer version of a remorseless water boarding” said club Chairman Dan Hoedeman “it was hard to watch at times.”

Jake Keeler and Ilijas Zimic also added to their tallies earlier this weekend with goals as the Other Boys completely outclassed Los Gringos on their way to an easy victory.

“It was a lot of fun” said Keeler “this is a great team, awesome spirit, and somehow I’m finding the back of the net. I never should have played defender last season. I blame Bisswurm.”

The only downside was the injury to Mike Geak.

The pacy fullback suffered a bone contusion in his knee and will be out for at least 10 days.

“It’s a big loss” said Hoedeman” because Geak has been fantastic this whole season, but he’s young and will recover quickly. Hopefully in time to head to Milwaukee.”

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