Great raffle items at Free Beer Night on Sunday

Stegman’s Old Boys are going all out for this year’s Free Beer Movement Night.

In addition to the free Surly and Northern Brewer homebrew (15 gallons of it. You read that right. Gallons), in addition to the Red Wagon Pizza and Jon Bisswurm grilling brats Wisconsin-style, and in addition to a bunch of handsome men in blue and white stripes playing soccer attractively, the club is raffling off possibly the best amalgamation of items in the history of mankind.

You absolutely do not want to miss this.

A taste of what you can expect:

Redeemable at the field immediately after the game, this once-in-a-lifetime prize is sure to attract a lot of Bisswurms. Er, bidders. Probably the same thing.

A hop t-shirt and two growlers all for the price of a raffle ticket. Bargain.

Over $200 of value in this starter pack, not to mention the fact that you’ll become a home brewer. Can’t put a price tag on that.

Nothing says “I’m the man” like pulling out a two-foot screwdriver to do the job.

Imported from Wisconsin, it goes great with cheese curds. If you haven’t had it before you should.

The SOBs have a level of refinement and appreciation for beauty. This beauty pack helps you live up to those standards.

We’re pretty sure he’ll pay.

A tasty blonde ale for your post-FBM Night fun withdrawal

Andy Delain is not just a 9v9 Savant. He’s also a great tennis teacher, and he’s giving away three lessons for free.

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