Free Beer Night is July 8

Free Beer Movement Night with the SOBs returns on July 8 at Big Willow Park in Minnetonka.

The MASL team kicks off at 2:00pm against Scorpions FC and at that point the beer will flow, the grills will be fired up and the gourmet food truck pizza will be for sale.  It all continues up to and through the MRSL team’s 6:30pm game against St Croix Valley United.

Free Beer Movement Night, inspired by the blog and social movement represented at, where lovers of the beautiful game offer a free beer to anyone willing to watch a game lives up to the spirit of the movement.  Any (of age) person who shows up to watch the Old Boys on July 8th will get a free beer.

And not just any old canned domestic.

Club sponsors Surly and Northern Brewer are chipping in to help support the club with literally gallons of beer.  Good beer.  Nay, great beer.

Except perhaps the homebrew batch created by the author, which is best tried after you have had a few more professionally crafted brews.

It’s not just about free beer and a men’s soccer club.  It’s about using the intersection of sport and community to help the world around us.

In the past year, Stegman’s Old Boys has raised money for the Twin Cities International Soccer League, a league for immigrants and alternative school kids that helps them integrate with the larger community and keeps them off the streets – using sport to encourage good behavior and application at school.  The club has raised money to support the Minneapolis high school non-varsity soccer teams, teams that don’t get funding for simple items like game balls and corner flags and otherwise have to rely on parents or coaches to provide them.

This event is raising money for Soccket.

Soccket is an ingenious device created by two soccer players from Harvard.  It is a soccer ball that generates energy from being played with, allowing the huge numbers of kids from countries without reliable power to have the light to do homework, chores and other things around their house.  So they’re not living in darkness.

So come on out to Big Willow Park on Sunday July 8.

The drinks are on the house.  The grills will be going.  Gourmet pizza from a food truck will be served.  Soccer will be played.

And if those aren’t enough reasons to spend a summer Sunday evening outside doing something interesting, you will be helping the wider world by getting involved in the raffle, donating money, buying stuff and even just being there to show your support for the event.  You’ll be feeling good about yourself.  While sipping a cold beer.

Free Beer Movement Night with the SOBs

Sunday July, 8

Big Willow Park, 11900 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka

2:00pm Stegman’s Old Boys vs Scorpions FC in MASL league action

6:30pm Stegman’s Old Boys vs St Croix Valley United in MRSL league action

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