10 men put in valiant effort for MRSL Old Boys

Matt Gorrell, the club’s appearances leader, scored his first goal on Sunday

The TV feed coming out of the remote Bosnian stronghold of Fridley left a lot to be desired, therefore all we have on the game is the post-match presser by the manager:

It was always going to be a tough task going up against the league leaders on their home pitch, but throw in all of the injuries and absences that we had for this match [The SOBs had only ten players with no subs for the entirety of the match] and we were always facing a herculean task to even stay in this game let alone nick a point.  Their first four goals were all well taken strikes but the chances were lucky bounces, every solid opportunity that they created on their own was snuffed out by Larson in goal.  Man he stood on his head today.  They started to get bored in the second half and if we could’ve gotten our one goal back when it was 3-0 instead of 4-0 I think we could’ve really made the match uncomfortable for them…they were already starting to snipe at each other and the referee.  Our goal was a testament to our grit and determination when faced with such obstacles.  

Sindt was rightly frustrated.

The Old Boys had soundly beaten BH United in their last visit to Locke Park, and would have done so again but for the enforced absences due to injuries.  Frustrated, but undaunted:

I’m proud to be part of the same club as those ten guys who left it all on the line out there today.

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