Old Boys at Dynamo – MRSL Matchday Preview

The Old Boys will need a good performance from Luke Clayton on Sunday against Dynamo

Stegman’s Old Boys MRSL head to Eden Prairie to take on Dynamo this Sunday at 6:30.  Dynamo are a team that the Blues know well, as last year’s Old Boys tussled with the team no less than three teams.  Two wins and a draw were the results, but those should not obscure the fact that this is going to be a very tough evening for the boys in blue.

“They are beatable, we’ve proven that before” said General Manager Nick Sindt “but we also know that they have a lot of quality.  That little blond guy in the middle is dangerous and will have to be kept track of by our midfield.”

Stegman’s, who lost their opening match, are looking for their first win of the season.  Starting slow is not something new for this team, though there is a feeling in the squad that this won’t be last year.

“We have improved” said Vice Captain Derric Johnson “and should have gotten a result against United.  That we didn’t will just spur this team on to greater heights, and anyway we all know that we do better against good teams than little bitch whiner teams.”

Dynamo are vulnerable at the back.  Against the Old Boys last year, Dynamo game up an average of three goals per game and will struggle to match the pace and incision of Luke Clayton, Graham Campbell and Zach Riggott.

Sindt continued “we have speed and handsomeness on our side, not to mention a really great Facebook page.  So I think that we have to be considered favorites.”

“We will tighten up defensively” said Ryan Horstman “the first few games of a new team gelling are always a little disjointed, but the team feels like we have put that behind us and we’ll be tighter than some completely inappropriate metaphor.”

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