Achilles Injury Forces Williams Retirement

Old Boys defender Jake Williams announced today that he will be retiring, having succumbed to an achilles injury that has proven untreatable.

Jake Williams marauding down the pitch in better days

“It’s a crushing blow” said Williams “Stegman’s is pretty much the apex of my, and any player’s, playing aspirations so to have my time there cut short – not to mention my career – well […sob…] let’s just say that I am lucky to have the supporting wife, family and friend network that I do.”

Williams made fourteen appearances for the Blues in his time with the club, establishing himself as a key element of the defensive unit that conceded the lowest number of goals in any division of the MRSL.  He picked up an achilles injury in the fall and, despite seeing a number of specialists and faithfully working through rehab regimens, he has not been able to recover.

“We’ll miss Jake” said club Manager Jon Bisswurm “he was solid as a rock as a fullback, and with his form improving every game I had pencilled him in as a key element for 2012.  And not just as a player.  He was a key element for going out as well, with highlights including attendance and dancing at the best house party in south Minneapolis.  That’s a special SOB who can seamlessly do both and I’ll miss him.”

“I’m not dead” Williams responded “I will still be able to go out.”

The club has been tight-lipped on any potential replacements for Williams, though the encouraging performances of Travis Pennings have pundits suggesting that perhaps he might be drafted into the team.

“No comment” said General Manager Nick Sindt “except that comment, obviously, but that is the only comment you will get from me.”

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