Old Boys at Hastings – Matchday Preview

Stegman’s Old Boys FC kick off their inaugural MASL campaign this Sunday at noon against Hastings FC at the Veterans Athletic Complex in Hastings.
Though the step up from MRSL is a difficult one, supporters are hopeful that the Blues will find success in the MASL.  The solid spine of experienced campaigners blended with some younger attacking talent should be a potent one.

Midfielder David Maier will look to continue his good form into the league match against Hastings FC.

“We looked controlled in the SOB Cup” said the Manager Jon Bisswurm “controlled in terms of possession, in terms of setting the tempo, but playing away in the league is a different beast and we will have to be on the top of our game.”

The Old Boys will be without central defender Nathan Toldt, a new addition whose class was on display in three excellent appearances in the SOB Cup.
“We knew Nathan had the quality, that is why we pursued him for three years” said Club Chairman Dan Hoedeman.  “He’s so hot right now, yet so cold.  Ice cold, no mistakes.  It’s quite the dichotomy.”
Also missing are defenders Jake Keeler, who picked up an ankle knock on the weekend, and Jake Williams who remains out with a long-term injury.  Beyond that, the team is at full-strength and should be encouraged by the seamless play of new signings Tommy McCarthy and Derek Thomas, who combined for an outrageous goal against V-Hawks.
“We’ve got some players” said Bisswurm “we just need to stay focused.  I have been burning the midnight oil in the FIFA Lab, and plan to spend pretty much all day Friday there as well, but early signs are that the quality is there.  We just need to maintain the mindset.  And not get too out of control on Saturday night.”
Hastings FC, who finished fifteenth last season, are facing a transitional season.  Both Daniel Warner

A swarming defense will confront Hastings on Sunday

and Bobby Davies have moved to Stegman’s, so they are integrating new midfielders into their team and will hope to improve this year.  That said, this an a side experienced at this level and pundits aren’t ready to call the Blues favorites.

“We’ll do what we can to upset the odds” said winger Paul Diegnau “and since Pete [Manning] bagged a brace on the other wing, I am especially motivated to get in the goals.  I need to maintain my club-leading goals-per-game ratio, after all.  Of course, I do that for the good of the club.”
The Blues open their season at noon in Hastings, MN.

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