2012 SOB Cup Schedule

The SOB Cup, surely the best pre-season amateur soccer tournament in Minnesota, kicks off this Saturday at McMurray Fields in St Paul.

Both fields will be seeing action all afternoon, though perhaps not as much action as the beer tent that will feature free samples from club sponsors Surly and Northern Brewer.  Damn the weather, it’s going to be a great day.

“We’ve got twelve top teams, we’ve got kegs and kegs of top beers and we’re outdoors playing soccer” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “this is what it’s all about, when all of the stresses of dealing with management and the like just melt away.”

The tournament will feature 50 minutes games with no half-times, played to the following schedule

1)      Real St. Croix vs. St. Cloud FC

2)      Stegman’s Old Boys MRSL vs. Northern FC

1)      Valencia vs. Kolour

2)      V-Hawks vs. Red Devils

1)      Real St. Croix vs. Got Bjorn?

2)      Stegman’s MRSL vs. Sound & Fury

1)      Valencia vs. Stegman’s Old Boys MASL

2)      V-Hawks vs. Eagle Street FC

1)      St. Cloud FC vs. Got Bjorn?

2)      Northern FC vs. Sound & Fury

1)      Kolour vs. Stegman’s Old Boys MASL

2)      Red Devils vs. Eagle Street FC

1)      A#2 vs. B#2

2)      C#2 vs. D#2

1)      A#1 vs. B#1

2)      C#1 vs. D#1

1)      A#3 vs. B#3

2)      C#3 vs. D#3

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