Surly and Northern Brewer Pouring at SOB Cup

Club sponsors Surly Brewing and Northern Brewer will be pouring free beer samples to spectators at this Saturday’s SOB Cup, which kicks off at 4:00pm at McMurray Fields in St Paul.

“We’re pleased to be sponsoring this event again” said BrewingTV host and local celebrity Jake Keeler “last year’s was a great, if cold, event with a good turnout.  With the weather looking better and the tournament even bigger, I just can’t wait until Saturday.”

Northern Brewer has sponsored Stegman’s Old Boys for two years now and was joined this season by Surly, just recognized as the best local beer in the Twin Cities by the City Pages.

“Drink it in” said General Manager Nick Sindt “it’s a potent mix, Surly, Northern Brewer and the SOBs, but it always goes down smooth.”

The SOB Cup promises to be a very competitive tournament, and one that should prepare the teams well for the season ahead – assuming, of course, that the players don’t indulge in the free beer with the fans.  At least not too much.

“We had a little bit of an issue last year” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “when a certain Dave Tesch, not playing due to injury, took a nasty spill through one of the fences.  He denies it, but anyone who saw him slipping away behind the beer tent every few minutes knew the truth: he had over-served himself.  And we have a strict policy against that.”

To teach Tesch a lesson, the club has vowed to “ice” him whenever the occasion arises.

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