2012 Other Boys MRSL Season Preview

Stegman’s Other Boys have been reconstituted as an MRSL Monday team, and they look to have the measure of the Fourth Division with a smart blend of proven ability and exciting new players.

“This is a team made out of whole cloth” said Club Chairman Dan Hoedeman “albeit whole cloth that is very good at soccer.”
It is a very strong core of proven performers, with Jake Keeler, Ben Savitt, Paul Diegnau, Graham Campbell, Yohann Charlet, Steve Pomeroy, Andy Delain, Derric Johnson and Jon Bisswurm looking to do a little bit of friendly domination in the division. And they should, with each and every one battle tested at the higher level.

The pace and guile of veteran Graham Campbell will be critical for the Other Boys

“It is important to bring in experience, not just for playing quality but to ensure that we do things the SOB way” said the captain Andy Delain “and we made sure to craft a team with a lot of SOBs to give it a strong spine. We also needed people who could be relied on to bring beer.”

Ilijas Zimic, last seen playing against the Blues with BH United, joins up and will bring a European calmness on the ball. He should connect well with Joe Waln, an energetic new signing whose bursts from deep and smart movement should combine well with Zimic.

“I am excited to play on this team” said Vice-Chairman Jon Bisswurm “with ‘9v9 Savant’ Andy Delain holding up the ball and using it well, and with guys like Tom Trachtman and Colin Quinn on the wings, I think that we’ll look good going forward. And it’s always fun to play when you’re confident in your defense, and it’s hard not to be with Derric [Johnson], Rob Manley, Tim Kletti, Travis Pennings and our fantastic prospect of a goalkeeper Trevor Stemm.”

Stemm headlines an impressive haul of new young talent that also includes Alex Vo and Mike Gleak.

“These guys could be leading players for the club for years to come” said Delain “and we’re relying on them to start producing for the Other Boys from the off.”

Stegman’s Other Boys MRSL roster for 2012: 45 – Trevor Stemm (GK), 25 – Joe Waln, 26 – Ben Savitt, 27 – Graham Campbell, 28 – Paul Diegnau, 29 – Pat Campbell, 30 – Steve Pomeroy, 31 – Yohann Charlet, 32 – Tom Trachtman, 33 – Hector Diaz, 34 – Andy Delain, 35 – Rob Manley, 36 – Jon Bisswurm, 37 – Travis Pennings, 38 – Tim Kletti, 39 – Derric Johnson, 40 – Colin Quinn, 41 – Alex Vo, 42 – Mike Gleak, 43 – Brian Moen, 44 – Ilijas Zimic

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