SOBs Win Indoor Title

For Stegman’s Old Boys Football Club, this weekend rhymed with winning.  Just a day after the Blues took home the trophy at the SOB Cup, the SOBs took home their second piece of silverware with an indoor league win at Soccer Blast in Burnsville.

Sean Webb hits the winner that wraps up the league title

The Old Boys, who didn’t drop a single point in seven matches, overcame Absolute Drywall in the final league match to clinch the title by a score of 8 – 7 with goal machine Sean Webb bagging the winner.

“It was a bit tempestuous really” said the goalscorer “but all the fouls in the world couldn’t keep my for a second day of Minnesota amateur soccer glory.”

“This really shows how our club has grown” said Old Boys Manager Jon Bisswurm, himself a spectator on Sunday “to have the resources within the club to play seven matches in two days, and to win two titles while doing it.  Well, I don’t want to say that the General Manager, the Chairman and I should be amateur soccer front office of the year…well, actually I do.  It’s blatantly deserved and anything else would be an injustice.”

The dual victories are a great lead-in to the MRSL season, a season that sees both Stegman’s Old Boys and Stegman’s Other Boys start away on Sunday May 1, at 6:30pm.

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