new away kit unveiled

Stegman’s Old Boys Football Club officially unveiled the new away kit for the 2011 season today at an official club luncheon in the Pence Building in downtown Minneapolis.

“I hear a lot of words like beauty…and handsomeness…and incredibly chiseled features” said Club Chairman Dan Hoedeman “and though that’s a vanity, a self-absorption that I try to steer clear of, this kit is really quite extraordinary.”

Nike, the official uniform provider for Stegman’s Old Boys FC, manufactured the attractive black with gold pinstripe shirts that are unique for the American market.  Smile Design Dentistry, the premier dental office in the Twin Cities, is featured as the shirt sponsor for the club’s away strip for both teams playing under the SOB banner, Stegman’s Old Boys and Stegman’s Other Boys.

“Smile Design Dentistry has been with us since the beginning and we couldn’t be happier that they will continue to be a partner” said General Manager Nick Sindt.  “The continuity that we have with them as a sponsor illustrates the value that the partnership brings to both parties, and the logo looks frickin’ sweet on those shirts.”

Replica shirts and SOB merchandise will be available at the Club Shop which is set to open the first week of May.

“Take your tiger blood, take your Adonis DNA, take your whatever” said Stegman’s Other Boys captain Gary Erzberger “I see those and raise you the Mighty SOBs.  With uniforms like these, we’ve won the mental game before the physical game even starts.  And we look irresistible in the bar afterward.”

With the club’s strong following – by some accounts, the strongest in the league – and the financial support of club sponsors Smile Design Dentistry and Northern Brewer, the club is poised to move on to further success in the upcoming season and beyond.

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