old boys make blake field new home

Goodbye Arlington Park.

Stegman’s Old Boys FC are proud to announce, in time for the 2011 season and the home opener, their move across town to the resplendent Blake Field in Hopkins, Minnesota.

“There was a lot to love about Arlington Park” said Board Member Matt Gorrell “from the intimate setting to the intimidating atmosphere and the fact that it was awfully close to my house. I really liked that last part.”

Blake Field offers the Blues a number of positives, including a higher standard of pitch, the ability to host both of the SOB Sunday matches at the same complex, and a location advantage for the majority of the team. It also places the club closer to the core of its primarily Minneapolis-based supporters.

“It was important that we found a quality field that could host both teams” commented Manager Jon Bisswurm. “We’re a close-knit club, and it is important that when the SOBs are at home, all SOBs are at home. Better atmosphere, better support and team unity. It’s what we’re all about.”

Blake Field is located at 110 Blake Street in Hopkins, just off of Excelsior Boulevard, and is easily accessible from highways 100 and 169.

One thought on “old boys make blake field new home

  1. Small addendum to the above, we’ll be playing on Field #3 in case you’re unable to locate us simply by the awesomeness that will eb exuded from our presence.

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