have a beer with…derric johnson

Today’s installment of the ongoing 6-pack of questions series, brought to you by the always-interesting Free Beer Movement blog, features defender Derric Johnson.

The Old Boys picked Johnson up upon his return to Minnesota from a stint at Juarez Club de Futebol and the uncompromising defender had a strong first season, improving every match of the season and putting in a superior display at centerback in the League Cup match. Today, however, the ground is snow-covered and Johnson sits, beer in hand, to answer some questions

FBM: Where are you from?
DJ: I’m from Brooklyn Center, MN the proud home of Surly beer and Caribou Coffee. Yet, I’ve lived in Duluth, MN; Nogales, AZ; and Minneapolis.

FBM: Favorite soccer moment?
DJ: My favorite soccer moment was winning the USA Cup with a couple of SOB’s back in high school: Brandon Overlie and Graham Campbell. It was a game we were out matched in and had no business winning, but we wanted it more.

FBM: Ever been called an SOB?
DJ: I’m a public high school teacher I get called an SOB every day, and I proudly respond, hell yes I am.

FBM: Your favorite SOB?
DJ: I have to say my favorite SOB is one of the other physicists on the team: Matt Gorrell.

FBM: Your favorite professional player?
DJ: Easy, my favorite player is always the best Swede in the world. You may be thinking: Zlatan Ibrahimovic and you’d be wrong. While he is amazing, he doesn’t have one of the best beards in the world. For that, look no further than Olof Mellberg. Plus, he’s a CB, my favorite position. He’s a little aged now, but that beard is like a fine wine.

FBM: What does Stegman look like?
DJ: I once asked Hoedeman if we could make a giant mascot costume to look like a Stegman caricature. He told me that in order properly capture his majesty we would need a combination of angelic light, a terrifying mustache and too short shorts.

FBM: What are you drinking?
DJ: This is an easy one for me (see #1): Surly Furious. At a delicious 6.5% ABV, the fabulous blend of American hops and Scottish malts forces its way into your palette and liver. If Bud Light is a cold whisper in your ear, a Surly Furious is a punch in the mouth and a rough fondling of your nether regions. Have they decided to sponsor us yet?

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