old boys unveil 2011 home kit

Stegman’s Old Boys Football Club officially unveiled the new home kit for the 2011 season on Sunday at their training ground in south Minneapolis.

“This is possibly the best looking uniform I have ever seen” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “I am going to go top shelf Nick in celebration, I can barely contain myself.”

The shirts, a handsome blue and white striped number manufactured by Nike and not available at retail in the United States, feature the new sponsorship deal with Northern Brewer, the leading maker of homebrew materials for wine and beer-makers. Northern Brewer will grace the club’s home strip for both teams playing under the SOB banner, Stegman’s Old Boys and Stegman’s Other Boys.

“We are extremely pleased and excited to unveil our new kit and we are very happy with our partnership with Northern Brewer” said Dan Hoedeman, Chairman of Stegman’s Old Boys. “A lot of hard work has gone into the completion of this agreement and it promises to be a fantastic partnership for the club. It reflects our continued growth as a club as a season in which we finished third in the second division, qualified for the League Cup and reached our first cup final.”

“It says a lot about our club that a company of the quality and profile of Northern Brewer want to be associated with us, and their logo makes for a nice complement to the overall look our uniforms.”

Captain Jon Bisswurm shows off the new kit at the club's Lake Street training ground

Replica shirts and SOB merchandise will be available at the Club Shop which is set to open the first week of April.

“Our brand is so hot right now” said Club Board Member Matt Gorrell. “It’s a hot little potato. With the level of interest we have had in our merchandise we could take a crap, wrap it in tinfoil, stamp a logo on it and sell it as earrings. In fact, that’s not a bad idea…”

Reflecting on the ongoing relationship between the Old Boys and The Free Beer Movement, Dan Wiersma, chief executive of The Free Beer Movement, said: “We are delighted to become Stegman’s Old Boy’s official partner and equally thrilled to hear of the shirt partnership with Northern Brewer, an organisation which has also undertaken to support and develop good beer and amateur soccer in the United States. On behalf of soccer in America, we would like to thank Stegman’s Old Boys for all they have done and we wish them every good fortune.”

With the club’s strong following – by some accounts, the strongest in the league – and the financial support of Northern Brewer and long-time sponsor Dr Holger Meiser, DDS, the club is poised to move on to further success in the upcoming season and beyond.

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