have a beer with…jon scott

This week’s 6-Pack of Questions brought to you, as always, by The Free Beer Movement (possibly if not emphatically, the best soccer blog in America) features SOB midfielder Jon Scott. Joining the side directly from the University of North Carolina, Scott established himself quickly. A member of the inaugural starting XI and the all-time leader in assists, Scott is an integral part of the Old Boys midfield and is something of a fan favorite. Jon sat down with us to have a beer and answer a few questions.

FBM: Where are you from?
JS: I was born in Kingston, Jamaica but I grew up and learned to play ball in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

FBM: What was your best soccer moment?
JS: In middle school our coach had me playing forward for some reason and I scored the winning goal on a breakaway toe poke into the far corner against our biggest rival. All 50 people in the crowd were cheering, ha!

FBM: Ever been called an SOB?
JS: Every time I would shut down opposing forwards when I played sweeper when I was younger.

FBM: Who is your favorite teammate?
JS: The other Jon, of course – a fellow Red Devil!

FBM: Who is your favorite professional player?
JS: Eddie Pope. I idolized him as a kid because he played the same position that I did, because he’s a fellow Tar Heel and because he is one of the best, if not the best, defender in US soccer history.

FBM: What does Stegman look like?
JS: He looks like a former youth soccer coach who wore reallllly short shorts and had a killer mustache!

FBM: What is your favorite brew?
JS: Carolina Blue Moon

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