have a beer with…jon bisswurm

The Free Beer Movement, the best soccer blog in the world and a stalwart supporter of American soccer at all levels, is proud to be a supporter of Stegman’s Old Boys FC and is happy to announce a new weekly feature that will highlight Old Boys players and remind the reader that American soccer, even at the amateur level, shares the American predilection for hyperbole, self-expression and all-around awesomeness.

Up first is #10 Jon Bisswurm, a founding father and the team’s midfield heartbeat.

FBM: Where are you from?
JB: Born in Dayton Ohio, home of the famous Centerville Blitz, grew up in Milwaukee WI.

FBM: What was your best soccer moment?
JB: Winning the 2003 US Amateur Cup with Milwaukee Bavarians.

FBM: Every been called an SOB?
JB: Once an SOB you’re an SOB for life…And every time a new player turns up with, “Are you guys SOB’s”

FBM: Favorite SOB?
JB: That is a hard questions to answer. Dan and I started the club together so he would be the obvious choice, but I would have to say Robbie Piechel. Only because he would tackle his mother while she is holding his child…And he got 3 yellow cards in one game.

FBM: Favorite soccer player?
JB: Paul Scholes…Followed his model from rash challenges to slicing passes since I was 6.

FBM: What does Stegman look like?
JB: Well see I know what a Stegman is and I know what a Stegman looks like. So I am going to say to keep the mystery, he looks like Wilson the neighbor from Home Improvement.

FBM: Favorite beer?
JB: Stegman’s Old Brews homebrew made with Northern Brewer gear.

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