northern brewer to sponsor old boys

Stegman’s Old Boys FC are proud to announce that Northern Brewer, the premier homebrew supplier for craft beer nanobrewers and winemakers, will be a club sponsor for the 2011 season.

Northern Brewer joins Smile Design Dentistry as Club Sponsor and, in a unique deal, both logos will grace the famous SOB strip with Northern Brewer featuring on the home shirts and Smile Design on the away and Cup shirts.

The new SOB home shirt is almost too good looking. You know, for those considering...a relationship.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership” said General Manager Nick Sindt “because Northern Brewer share our values: awesomeness, great product, incredibly chiseled features and a love for good beer. Not to mention that they’re Minnesota-based.”

“I use Northern Brewer gear myself” said club General Counsel John Hoedeman “and am excited to try the first batch of Stegman’s Old Brews Red (Card) Ale in a few weeks. If it’s good, I’ll leave this lawyering business and set up a brew pub. That would be totally ninja.”

The sponsorship brings in more than money to support the club. Throughout the season Stegman’s Old Boys will offer exclusive Northern Brewer homebrew tastings and special offers to official Club Supporters. All supporters will be able to take advantage of the Northern Brewer presence at Old Boys home matches throughout the 2011 season and should be on the look-out for special events and activities from our new partner.

“It’s more than a typical sponsorship” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “and that’s what really attracted us to it. Not to mention that their logo is going to look great across our new strip. But primarily, what made this hotter than the food from the Indian place down the block, is that Northern Brewer is going to actively make, promote and give us the tools to make beer.”

Bisswurm continued, “I’ll update that famous saying to note that if you give a man a beer that’s totally sweet, but if you teach a man to make beer then you are a God among men.”

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