schmitt completes transfer to des moines

Mark Schmitt, the pacy defensive lynchpin with a happy knack for scoring goals, has completed his transfer to Des Moines.

Schmitt's pace and skill will be missed

“It’s a sad day for SOBs everywhere,” said General Manager Nick Sindt, “but particularly for me. Mark and I have played together for years and have a solid friendship, I brought him into the team, and he was one of our top performers last season. I would cry about it if crying weren’t for little girls.”

A member of the original starting XI, Schmitt scored twice in his thirteen appearances for the Old Boys, the most memorable of his goals a belter from the corner of the box that nestled into the top corner and almost turned the tide against River Otters.

In addition to his goals, Schmitt was an uncompromising defender whose pace and elegance on the ball made him dangerous both in and out of possession.

Many libations were enjoyed in sending off Mark Schmitt

“It’s not just on the field that we’ll miss him” Manager Jon Bisswurm noted, “it’s off the field as well. I’ll always remember when he upstaged my bachelor party injury with his own…”

“Losing Mark is not going to be an easy thing for us” commented Club Chairman Dan Hoedeman “because he is a player of genuine quality. Even though his fiancee’s dog peed on my kitbag, I’ll miss him. The team will miss him. But what do we do when we fall off the horse? We get back on. Even a gymnast knows that.”

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