fall league results point to summer success

The fall league season is well under for Stegman’s Old Boys, and the club is using the fall season to trial and integrate a number of new faces into the side in preparation for next summer’s MRSL season.

“With two teams operating under the glorious Old Boys banner, it’s critical for us to continue our team building all the way through to May” said General Manager Nick Sindt.  “After our successful inaugural summer season, we know the players that we need and so far we’ve had great luck in finding players that fit our handsome and athletic mold.”

The club is operating two teams in the fall league, a 7v7 set-up played at McMurray Fields in St Paul.

Stegman’s New Boys made their first appearance as a footballing outfit on September 12th and an in-form Graham Campbell fired them to a 6-0 victory over KLFC, continuing the club’s history of winning competitive openers.  The New Boys follow-up their win with a very close loss, 2-1, to the V-Hawks in their second competitive match.

The team’s fall schedule continued yesterday, where the New Boys posted a 3-2 victory over MKSA Royals.

“This team, made up of Old Boys stalwarts and trialists, has been impressive from the start of the season and shows just how much depth and how many selection dilemmas we’ll have for next season” said New Boys manager Dave Tesch.  “I’m tickled pink as a My Little Pony about it.”

Stegman’s Old Boys, with a number of new faces helping to make up for many key players still recovering from injury, have had a fitful fall.  The side fell 2-1 to MKSA Royals in the opener and played poorly in a 3-1 loss to Twin Cities Fire.  Knowing this team though, redemption was never far away.

The Old Boys exploded for eight goals in an 8-0 demolition of KLFC yesterday and are back on track in the league.

“New players like Pete Manning and Paul Deignau have been extremely impressive” said Club Manager Jon Bisswurm.  “We’re here to play well and like a result, but the important thing is building for next season.  We’re doing that.  We’re like a little kid with his Legos, we can’t stop building.  It’s beautiful.”

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