support our own cole erickson on thursday

Come out and support Cole Erickson, the dynamic midfield prodigy whose season with the Old Boys was tragically cut short due to a dislocated ankle suffered during the U17 Regional Tournament, who is representing his high school, Jefferson (Bloomington), as they take on Edina this Thursday at 7:00 at Braemar.

Erickson is in a confident mood, saying that “the victory will be dedicated to SOBs everywhere.”

The Old Boys manager, Jon Bisswurm, was equally upbeat, “with a player like Cole in their team, it’s hard to see how Jefferson can be beat, even playing away at Edina.  The fact that Edina thinks they can win makes me very sad.  And also angry.”

“It also makes me angry that Cole got injured while release from his club” continued Bisswurm “and we did not receive a payment for his injury.  We appealed to FIFA, but for some reason they don’t seem to care about amateur adult soccer in Minnesota, despite the severity of our dispute, the strong language in our email and the stunningly good looking profile of the club.”

“Sepp Blatter has NOT heard the last from us.”

The SOBs will be out in full support of Erickson, and suggest that you be as well.

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