tunisienne fc bids for three old boys

The Stegman’s Old Boys chairman Dan Hoedeman has revealed the club have rejected offers from Tunisia’s Tunisienne de Football Club for forward Dave Tesch, midfielder Alex Haueter and defender Derric Johnson.

Tesch and Haueter, targeted by Tunisienne FC

Hoedeman said the club had no intention of selling any of the players rumored to be targeted, despite reports that Tesch had already scheduled a medical.  “After receiving interest from Mr Ali Husan in an email from a simple Yahoo account, I was immediately suspicious” said Tesch yesterday “…that I was going to get a big payday from a Middle Eastern club!  And anyway, internet scams are only ever from Nigeria so I’m pretty sure it’s legitimate.”

General Manager Nick Sindt, instrumental in the development of the players targeted, said “clubs like Tunisienne, with super-agent Mr Ben and his grippingly believable unsolicited emails, make enquiries about players and their heads can get turned very easily.”

“We’re in a difficult position here,” Sindt continued, “our players have to just reply to an email and give over their SSN and some simple bank information and – boom – they have a visa, a ticket to Tunisia and a guaranteed contract with Tunisienne.  Hard to beat that”

Reports have suggested Tunisienne were prepared to bid $5m, money apparently funneled to the club through a deposed west African prince.

Hoedeman said “You may have heard a rumor and it may be pretty good information, but the fact is we’ve rejected any offer they’ve made.  Mr Ben can work through my agent, Mr Jon, who will gladly discuss player transfers if Mr Ben will kindly send to him an email that includes a credit card number, expiration date, security code and SSN for the needed things as to process his traveling here in United States and to register for this management and also to inform our embassy and to give him visa and ticket to come over and also an inaugural season t-shirt and wristbands.”

Asked if a bigger offer might tempt Old Boys to sell, Hoedeman said “silly offers do have an effect, but if Mr Ben will only contact Mr Jon perhaps a deal can be reached.  Otherwise, we’re not expected it to happen and our position is we see all three remaining Old Boys players through to the end of their contracts.”

6 thoughts on “tunisienne fc bids for three old boys

  1. After refusing the offer, Mr. Ben sought to tempt me with pictures of his country and stadium. I must admit, if my heart didn’t lie with the fantastic fans of Arlington and Arkwright, I’d be playing here:

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