curtain falls on 2010 regular season

The final match of the season was a bit of a damp squib, an Old Boys squad devastated by injuries and with nothing to play falling to table-topping Warlocks in the wind-swept wasteland that is Eagan.

Encouragingly, both Jon Bisswurm and Dan Hoedeman made it through the full 90 minutes without a recurrence of the injuries, ankle and knee respectively, that hobbled them.  Hoedeman, unfortunately, remains day-to-day with swelling in his knee and, like Ledley King but without the ability, he will be shut down until a game-time decision is made on his fitness before the next match.   Additionally, Bryan Larson made a short cameo between the sticks and gave enough in his display to suggest that he could replace Justin Dzelzkalns next season.

And with that, the curtain came down on the first regular season contested by the SOBs. 

The results are impressive, all the more so because the team was pulled together only in March and is still waiting for the delivery of its away strip.  Third place sewn up with two to play, resilience in the face of injuries, results despite never having played together before, etc and so on. 

2010 MRSL Division 2 Table

Warlocks F.C. 14 13 0 1 58 8 40
River Otters 14 11 3 0 48 23 33
Stegman’s Old Boys FC 14 6 4 4 27 24 22
Centennial Wiseguys 14 6 5 3 36 28 21
Team Awesome 14 5 8 1 31 40 16
St. Paul Celtics 14 3 9 2 30 48 11
Sound & Fury 14 3 10 1 25 55 10
BEEF United 14 2 10 2 14 43 8


Next up for the Old Boys is the first round of the League Cup where they will face Minnesota Flying Loons FC (8-3-3), who were even on points but denied their division title by goal difference.

Despite the long list of absent players, highlighted by the addition of Mark Schmitt to the list of Dan Erickson, Cole Erickson, Matt Gorrell, Justin Dzelzkalns, Ben Savitt and, potentially, the recovering Jon Bisswurm and Dan Hoedeman, the Old Boys will feel like they can nick a result.

The League Cup first round kicks off at 2:00pm at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

3 thoughts on “curtain falls on 2010 regular season

  1. Ah SOBs – we were so looking forward to more from the post on the results from last night. Alas, the spin just wouldn’t allow it. I guess it would be hard to spin getting taken behind the woodshed by a team that started with 9, with no warm up, devasted themselves by injury and absence.

    Seriously, good season and hope you do well in playoffs. Warlocks was a new team last year, and given your performance this year, I think SOBs will be a force in years to come.

    Andy “The crossbar is my friend” Hall

  2. it’s too bad you guys had nothing to play for against the Chelsea of the league, most of us had this one circled on our calender 😉

    I think we might be seeing you in D1 in a few years, it’d be great to keep the rivalry goin. good luck gents!

    PS.. the ref was much better this time, but what’s up with that linesman calling offside 5 secs after every time?

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