old boys at warlocks – matchday preview

With the final whistle on Sunday, the first ever regular season will be complete for Stegman’s Old Boys.  Knowing that whatever the result, they are assured a third place finish and League Cup qualification points to just how successful this club has been in only a matter of months and should help to buoy a side facing the champions, Warlocks FC.

Thresher Field has been a fortress of Warlocks this season as they have not dropped even a single point at home.  Making this an especially interesting clash, the unbeaten side from Eagan has only dropped points once the entire season, against the SOBs.

Alex Haueter's creativity on the wings will be critical on Sunday

“The match was contentious, with each side sure that they were the better” said Chairman Dan Hoedeman “though you would have to be taking crazy pills not to see that we, in fact, were the better side last time we met.”

Warlocks have efficiently and ruthlessly disposed of the rest of the teams in the league and, coming into this game on the back of eleven straight wins, expect to finish off their promotion-winning campaign in style.

The Old Boys, having won League Cup qualification with the win at Sound & Fury played a more experimental side last week against River Otters and paid the price, losing 3-1 in disappointing circumstances.  A loss of form coupled with a long injury list is worrying for the Old Boys.

“Worrying, but nothing that we can’t overcome” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “and we better overcome because my parents are in town and if we’re not up for it my Dad might whip me with a piece of leather from his lederhosen.  I can’t have that happen at my age.”

The Old Boys will hardly be at full strength.  The transfers of Dan Erickson and Justin Dzelzkalns, coupled with injuries to Cole Erickson (dislocated ankle), Jon Bisswurm (fractured ankle), Dan Hoedeman (patellar tendinitis), Ben Savitt (mountain man-itis), Matt Gorrell (honeymoonitis) and the absence of Will Reynolds mean that it will be an entirely different team on Sunday than the one that faced Warlocks back in May.

“Luckily, the FIFA Lab has no injury concerns” continued Bisswurm “and, though I have not been able to spend the time in the Lab that I did early in the season, it would be ridiculous to imply that we don’t have a tactical plan up our sleeve.  We do.  And the FIFA Lab is never wrong.”

Stegman’s Old Boys take on Warlocks FC in the last game of the MRSL season on Sunday at 6:30 at Eagan’s Thresher Park.

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