season in review

It has been a fascinating and exciting 2010 MRSL season and, though there is still a week of matches to play, the final picture is clear enough to demand a season in review.

Warlocks FC.  The Chelsea of the league, efficiently and powerfully chewing up all opposition.  In fact, with the exception of Stegman’s Old Boys, no side in the division has been able to take a single point off of them.  Worthy champions.

SC River Otters.  Relegated from the First Division last season, River Otters didn’t quite have enough to make an immediate bounce-back.  Tough on a team that is fit, inventive and technically sound.  This year’s Manchester United, they kept it interesting but just didn’t have enough to pip Warlocks to the title.

Stegman’s Old Boys FC.  Arsenal in disguise.  Just as able to create a litany of chances with an intricate passing approach as they are on the counterattack, this is a side that typically plays pretty football and, just as typically, struggles to make it count, missing chances and failing to kill games.  Devastated by injuries, this team could still be a difficult opponent in the Cup.

Team Awesome.  On their game, their offense is explosive.  Off their game, their defense is frail.  Neither is predictable, making this side reminiscent of Spurs.  Only a point above Centennial with one match to go, they could still miss out on Cup qualification, but this is a new Spurs.  And, like them, Team Awesome will just ease into the fourth place spot.

Centennial.  The hardest place to play away, this team started poorly, made up a lot of ground but will fall just short of the coveted fourth place slot.  Clearly Everton.  Unclear though if they drink Thai beer.

St Paul Celtic.  If the Old Boys are Arsenal, Celtic are Bolton.  The bogey team for the SOBs, this hardworking and physical side never looked like being dragged into a relegation battle and finished comfortably mid-table.  With the right off-season moves, this team could be dangerous next year.

Sound & Fury.  Likeable, but limited.  A sort of Reading season two though, even though they could still go down, it looks like they’ll just stay up.  Age seems to have caught up with a few of the side and though they retain their technical ability, the lack of pace trouble them.

BEEF United.  Reminiscent of Hull.  No-hopers that can’t even be characterized as plucky, an ill-tempered and unlikeable side whose -30 goal difference barely does the futility of their campaign justice.  Deservedly relegated.

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