old boys qualify for league cup

A congested picture for league cup qualification was considerably less so on Sunday evening, Centennial getting tonked 5-0 by table-topping Warlocks while Stegman’s Old Boys breezed to a 2-0 victory over Sound & Fury.  Those results leave the Old Boys seven points clear of Centennial with two matches to play, meaning that the Old Boys are assured of at least fourth place and, with it, League Cup qualification. 

“We set out Cup qualification as our objective when we started the season,” said Manager Jon Bisswurm “and it is a real achievement for a first-year team in a league as competitive as this.  Plus, we did it with an extra dose of handsomeness which, though not technically worth any extra points, absolutely helped.”

George, so hot right now. George.

“There is no doubt that our sartorial elegance and funny nicknames were a factor” commented Chairman Dan Hoedeman “it threw others teams off of their game, it said to them without using words that we are serious – and oh so hot right now.”

Stegman’s Old Boys currently sit in third place, six points clear of Team Awesome and with a goal difference that is over 10 goals better.  Yet, as the SOBs have to face the top two teams in the league as the last two matches, the race for third is still very much up for grabs.

“We don’t want to back into the Cup, we don’t want to take third by the thinnest of margins” said General Manager Nick Sindt “sure, we might have to, but we’re going to do our best not to.  Or I will be a very angry muffin.”

The supporters were justifiably elated, with Supporters Club member “Dutch” Jon Bogaard particularly ebullient, “I have been supporting this team since their founding and the news that we’re in the Cup, well, it just may be the greatest day of my life.  College graduation?  Weak.  Marriage?  Snoozer.  Milwaukee City Beer Pong Champion?  Well, maybe Cup qualification is the second greatest day of my life.” 

Stegman’s Old Boys will play their League Cup first round match at 2:00 on Saturday August 21st at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

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