dan erickson completes transfer to washington

It is with the sadness of a child who is told that ice cream causes AIDS that we announce that Dan Erickson is leaving Stegman’s Old Boys Football Club and moving to the athletic department at the University of Washington.

Beyond goals, Erickson added silky passing and defensive steel and will be a difficult player to replace.

“As a manager you never want to see a player of this calibre go, but at the same time how do you stand in his way” commented Manager Jon Bisswurm, “the answer, if you’re curious, is that you don’t.  Even if it means extra work in the FIFA Lab, you simply don’t stand in his way. 

Bisswurm continued, “also, he is bigger than I and if I stood in his way it would only end badly.”

Dan Erickson gets iced in his last appearance in an SOB shirt

Erickson, an imposing presence in the Old Boys midfield and scorer of 4 goals in just 8 league games this season, will be fondly remembered by supporters and teammates alike.  “With the possible exception of Bisswurm, Erickson was my favorite SOB to heckle” said supporter “Dutch” Jon Bogaard.  “That guy is a legend, money on penalties and he takes his icing like a man.”

Erickson has a place in Old Boys lore, scoring in the historic inaugural game. Additionally, Erickson is the only SOB to have scored in three consecutive games.

“The club will miss him, but we all wish him the best” said Chairman Dan Hoedeman.

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