old boys – st. paul celtics – matchday preview

Matchday 8 brings us a tantalizing rematch of the Matchday 5 when the St. Paul Celtics hit the Old Boys up for 3 goals on well worked counter-attacks. The 3-2 loss was the first of the season for the Old Boys.

Though the Celtics felt that they deserved the win, the SOBs felt otherwise (obviously, we think we’re the greatest) and will look to rectify that blemmish on their season when they return home to friendly confines on Sunday, 6/27 at 6:30 PM.

“As is the case with this league, anyone can come out and surprise you on anyday, so we’ll be ready to play tomorrow,” said Manager Jon Bisswurm. General Manager Nick Sindt followed up with these sentiments, “All of our players have been eagerly anticipating this match for a week now, the key will be to keep our focus and play the game the way we know how to. Look we’re in 3rd place right now and they’re all the way back in 6th, a whole two points behind us; there’s a lot of parity in this league so we have to keep our guard up at all times.”

Chairman Hoedeman could not be reached for comment, as he is currently in Europe trying to find out what happened to the new Home uniforms, replicas will be available in the club shop as soon as he returns.

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