old boys vs river otters – matchday preview

Matchday six sees Stegman’s Old Boys return home to Arlington Park to take on league leaders River Otters.

The Old Boys currently sit in fourth place in the league, just a point off of third, but have Celtic breathing down their neck for the final playoff spot. “It’s early in the season, but after two straight weeks of disappointing results, we’re hungry to set things right” said Manager Jon Bisswurm.

It will be a challenge. In addition to injury concerns for Dan Hoedeman, Aleksey Polukeyev and Will Reynolds, the Old Boys have to face a team that boasts both the stingiest defensive record in the league and has plundered the most goals.

“There is no doubt that River Otters are the team to beat in the division thus far,” said Chairman Hoedeman, “and as we approach the halfway point of the season we want to make sure that we’re still in touch with the top teams. This will be a bigger test than the AP English exam that Cole Erickson had to take last week.”

River Otters have run roughshod over the rest of the league thus far, though they have yet to face either the fourth-placed Old Boys or the second-placed Warlocks. It remains to be seen whether their dominance extends to other teams in the upper reached of the league, though they did beat third-placed Team Awesome 6-2, and it further remains to be seen how they will cope with the tight confines of Arlington Park.

“We’re starting to find our best formation and learn how to play together,” said General Manager Nick Sindt “and nobody can take away from us just how good we look in our uniforms. Nobody!”

Stegman’s Old Boys kick off against River Otters at 6:30pm on Sunday at Arlington Park.

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