old boys get iced

With just under a third of the season gone and with a week off because of Memorial Day, Stegman’s Old Boys did what any self-respecting football club would do: they organized a soccer tennis tournament (with the Team Supreme combination of Chairman Hoedeman and Manager Bisswurm beating all comers) while tailgating another soccer team’s game Minnesota Stars beat AC St Louis at the NSC in Blaine).

Oh, and they Iced the sh*t out of each other.

Dave Tesch absolutely destroys a Smirnoff Ice

Dan Hoedeman struggles through a warm one

Nick Sindt gets in-game iced

Jon Bisswurm finishes strong

2 thoughts on “old boys get iced

  1. That was a great time all-around… we must do it again, perhaps near the end of the Stars season, and make it an attendance-mandatory event for the team and supporters!

  2. Still mystified…

    Perhaps you are secretly high school girls?

    And Dan – seriously? My 19 yr old brother didn’t have any problems with a warm one….

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