old boys at united – matchday preview

Stegman’s Old Boys are back in action on Sunday, traveling to McMurray Field to take on BEEF United in round three of league play.

Both Ben Savitt and Jon Scott, who walked off injured, and Dan Hoedeman, who has not trained all week, are in the team, giving a big boost to an Old Boys side that had been scrambling for coverage.  “We’ll still look to bring Cole Erickson into the team for Sunday as he gives us coverage options in the defence and midfield,” said Manager Jon Bisswurm, “but we’re feeling confident that the players will be at 100%.” 

“Playing on artificial turf over a vast pitch is going to be a huge adjustment,” Bisswurm noted, “especially considering how many players haven’t trained this week due to the knocks they took last match, but we fancy our chances and are looking for a win.  And according to the new formation I am using in my FIFA test lab, a win is what we will get!” 

The 2 – 2 home draw against Warlocks, where both goals were conceded due to defensive miscues, has brought scrutiny on the defense.  “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills,” said General Manager Nick Sindt when asked about the defensive drama, “how could a team this handsome and well-uniformed concede two soft goals for the second game running.  This has to stop because I’m a hot little potato right now.” 

Sindt contined, “Some of these players need to step up to the plate and start proving their worth.  I mean this Hoedeman character was out there catching pop-flys giving the Warlocks a penalty to get them back in the game.  Then there’s that one striker that has yet to score a goal yet; two games without a goal, what kind of strike rate is that?” 

When questioned further, Sindt responded “Yeah, so I am that striker I am referring to.  Sindt needs to start producing or he will be finding himself off the gameday roster.  And let me stop you right there.  I know that I’m speaking in the third person.  All men of greatness speak in the third person.  If I could find a way to speak in the 4th person, I would.” 

Old Boy’s opponent has had a rough start to the campaign.  United went down 4-1 to high-flying Team Awesome in their opener and will be looking to make amends and get their campaign back on track.  “They’re an enraged viper and we’re going into their lair like a mongoose,” commented Chairman Dan Hoedeman, “may the valiant mongoose come out victorious and handsome.”

Matchday three kickoff is slated for Sunday at 7:30pm at McMurray Field in St Paul.

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