injury concerns dog old boys

Sunday’s draw took a heavy toll on Stegman’s Old Boys, with a rash of injuries bedeviling the team.

Ben Savitt limped off early in Sunday’s match clutching his hamstring and joined Holger Meiser on the long term injured list, causing a selection dilemma for Manager Jon Bisswurm. “Having Ben out for any amount of time is a loss,” Bisswurm said, “we have excellent options to fill in for the big man, but they do require a tactical re-thinking. Savitt was a linchpin of the defense and will be sorely missed.  Like he was at the barbecue on Sunday.”

Flying winger Jon Scott also left Sunday’s clash against Warlocks early with a hamstring strain, though he is hopeful of being back for Sunday’s match at United. “Jon has been a key element of our attack,” said Bisswurm, “running up and down the flank with verve, invention and handsomeness. We are very hopeful that he will be ready for Sunday and will take every treatment measure possible, including Grandpa’s old cough medicine, to ensure that he’s fit by gametime.”

Not forced off but hurting included the captain himself, who took a heavy challenge on his ankle. “It was already swelling when he walked off at full-time,” commented General Manager Nick Sindt, “and I’m not going to say ‘that’s what she said’ but if I were to say it so would she have said it. Or something. Anyway, the ankle looks bad and he won’t be training, but he should be ready by Sunday.”

Also walking off with knocks were defenders Dan Hoedeman and Robbie Peichel. “They’re old, so this sort of thing is expected,” noted supporter Anne Kopperud, “but it’s age before beauty so we need them in the team if we’re to finish top of the league.”

One thought on “injury concerns dog old boys

  1. You guys with the hammy pulls need to rest! Two to three weeks is the right amount of time for it to heal, and then it’s time to make sure the hamstrings are stronger. Time to hit those weights!

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