old boys vs warlocks – matchday preview

The manner of Stegman’s Old Boys’ opening day win offers spots of confidence and of worry as they gear up for Sunday’s match against Eagan’s Warlocks FC. Confidence comes from the impressive attacking display underpinned by smart possession that resulted in three goals and a plethora of chances. Worry comes from two soft goals conceded and the plethora of chances that went begging.

“We had a few first game jitters,” noted General Manager Nick Sindt, “but always looked like scoring. We’re confident that the goals will come because the opportunities are there. You have to remember, we’re still getting used to playing together. It’s like when I was hanging with the Laker girls, things didn’t mesh right away. It took a while for everyone to get comfortable with everyone else, to get used to how each other moved and what each one of us needed from the other.”

Sindt continued, “okay, so the Laker girls thing never happened, but the point remains: as we get to know each other, scoring will become automatic.”

Warlocks also opened the season with a 3-2 win, grabbing theirs away at Centennial in a hotly contested match. “It only gets tougher from here,” Chairman Dan Hoedeman noted, “as our next match is against a physical Warlocks team that is looking to challenge for the top spot in the league.” Based on their form last season, where they finished within a shout of promotion, and following last week’s victory, Warlocks should prove a stiff test.

The Old Boys have no injury worries barring defender Holger Meiser who remains out with a hamstring strain. George Hanscom and William Reynolds remain on loan, at Barcelona and Raleigh Jaguars respectively, while Ali Ahmed and Cole Erickson are past their registration hang-ups and are available for selection.

“We continue to have a lot of great options,” Manager Jon Bisswurm said, “and that makes selecting the team a bit of a challenge. But that’s what a manager likes to see week in and week out, a team working hard and presenting him with selection problems. It is also nice when the team buys him beer, I’m just saying.”

When pressed about the tactics, Bisswurm was coy, “we went with an adventurous 4-2-3-1 last game, and that seemed to fit the opposition and the day. Will we continue with that? Perhaps. We’ll see what my FIFA simulation says.”

Matchday two kickoff is slated for Sunday at 6:30pm at Arlington Park.

2 thoughts on “old boys vs warlocks – matchday preview

  1. we’ll make them wish they were back in the warmth and comfort of their mother’s womb after 90 minutes of callin’ the mother f*^#in’ SOB’s their biological daddys.

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