2010 away kit unveiled

“This is probably the most exciting day of my entire life.” Those were the first words from General Manager Nick Sindt just prior to the unveiling of the 2010 Stegman’s Old Boys away kit, and all sense of hyperbole tied to that statement was washed away upon viewing the all-blue ensemble.

“Yes, these uniforms are legal,” Club General Counsel John Hoedeman commented, “there is not a single Minnesota statute that directly bars a group of men looking this sexy, though perhaps this will force the issue in the legislature.”

The club plans to open the season in the away kit.

“Is it a shameless merchandising ploy? Yes. But we also had some shipping issues from the home kit coming from England so we really had no choice but to be rapaciously commercial,” noted Manager Jon Bisswurm. “And we really do look good in our all-blue.”

Replica kit will be available for purchase at the club shop, along with other truly fantastic team gear. All proceeds go directly to support Stegman’s Old Boys FC’s grassroots soccer efforts, with only a small portion siphoned off the top to pay for post-match beer.

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