old boys vs sound & fury – matchday preview

Opening Day is looming for Stegman’s Old Boys FC, and there is a palpable feeling of excitement in the camp. “We’ve got to temper our expectations slightly simply because this will be our first run-out in a game situation,” said manager Jon Bisswurm, “but that said, it would be a whole lot of jibba-jabba not to say that we feel confident in the team that we have built, and in our chances on Sunday.”

While center-back Ben Savitt looks likely to pass a fitness test on his hamstring, defender Holger Meiser was not as lucky. He will be joined on the sidelines by forward Ali Ahmed and midfielder Cole Erickson, both of whose transfers were not completed in time for the first match. Adding further complication to team selection, midfielders George Hanscom and William Reynolds are still to return from Barcelona and Raleigh Jaguars respectively.

“It’s not a full squad to choose from and that will give the gaffer some trouble, but the Chairman and I have assembled a team that has many options,” noted General Manager Nick Sindt. “And, frankly, our uniforms alone give us what amounts to a goal advantage in terms of overall handsomeness so, yeah, I’m confident.”

Bisswurm is expected to send out the team in a fairly standard 4-4-2, but is being coy on both the tactics and team sheet he is planning to deploy.  “Look, I need to spend hours with my FIFA simulation of the team before I have a clear idea of what will be most effective.  But I’ve got ideas.  And an XBox.  So we’ll be ready for Sunday.”

The Old Boys take on Sound & Fury FC at 6:30pm this Sunday at Arlington Park.

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